Let me tell you a little bit about myself....  

."I've been interested in spiritual matters since my childhood but it wasn't until much later   that I began to develop my spiritual self.  I began my journey, assisted by my spirit guides and some wonderful tutors, to grow and work with the spiritual realms.  
I studied Reiki around the year 2000 and from there, found a passion for past life regression.  I am a certified member of the Past Life Therapists Association  to advanced level, since 2006 and have worked continuously with regressions since then. 
I developed mediumistically and have been fortunate to sit in some excellent Circles.  I was, for a time, secretary at our local Spiritualist Church.  I have attended training programmes for mediumship at the College of Psychic Studies, under Tony Stockwell, Sue Walsh, Dr Angela Watkins and Anthony Kesner.  These mentors have instilled in me and need to work to the highest standards with Spirit and I uphold these standards to this day.

 I am a certified Remote Spirit Release practitioner, having trained with  the late Dr Terence Palmer, PhD, a leading light in this challenging but exciting field.  

I am trained in Soul-Centred Healing, as taught to me by Dr Thomas Zinser , Ed.D, it is a privilege to be mentored by him in this wonderful, healing modality.

I am an experienced Tarot reader, I love working with Tarot.

Dr Terence Palmer, PhD  certified me as a spirit release practitioner.

I am a certified EMDR practitioner and I have attained a qualification in tutoring to adults.  I am able to teach  students wanting to understand and achieve the highest standards in their calling.

I am married, living with my husband in Kidlington, near to Oxford and when not working with spirit, I love to do zumba, Pilates and being out in the fresh air."

Best wishes,