Soul-Centered Healing

Finding the source of your problems and healing all parts of the self.

  • Soul-Centered Healing is a method developed by Dr Thomas Zinser, Ed.D, a clinical psychologist of note.  Dr Zinser specialised in hypnosis and the treatment of dissociated disorders.  Dr Zinser is my mentor and I have been tutored by him directly in his method.
  • This is an approach that recognises each person not only as a physical being, but spiritual also.  There are many dimensions which exist outside the normal, ordinary consciousness, yet we live and interact with the various dimensions of consciousness as much as we do our physical world.  We can be affected by these different dimensions in many ways and we are not always aware that we are.
  • Soul-Centered Healing understands there are energies, dynamics, even entities which operate at these subtle levels that may, in turn, cause conflict, pain or confusions.  This can include sub-personalities or trauma which can exist and affect at unconscious levels.  It may be possible that entities such as earthbound spirits or dimensional beings can cause interference or intrusion.  Consequently, it is possible to feel blocked, disconnected from one's own soul source energy, even feeling hopeless, unloved or despairing.
  • Soul-Centered is a form of hypnotherapy that uses specific methods and protocols for working at these unconscious levels to identify the source of a person's pain, distress or conflict.
  • The therapist engages and works directly with the person's Higher Self to identify the source of the issues.  The goal is to help the person become clear, centred and confident within the present.   Healing occurs through a process of identifying and resolving the unconscious sources of pain and conflict, whether the originate from within the person's own world, or without.

Soul-Centered Healing is a 'deep dive' into the inner self.

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What is included?

One x 90 minute session, on line or in person.

Email and or telephone support


Two x 90 minute sessions, on line or in person.

Email and /or telephone support


Three x 90 minutes sessions, on line or in person.

Email and / or telephone support


Six x 90 minutes sessions, on line or in person.

Email and/or telephone support