Spiritual Health Checks (Remote)

  • There may be times in life when our spiritual self becomes compromised.  Negative energies may affect us through attachment to our vibrational  resonances.   You may feel your home or property is what is 'haunted'
  • These inappropriate intrusions can be at very unsettling and can cause us anxiety.  
  • A spiritual health check can go through all the areas in and around your self/soul, your home, environment.  
  • I and my team clear, remove or assist depending on what is discovered to restore healthy vibrations by following a set protocol which investigates deeply, in order to clean and clear. 
  • What would we cover?  Portals, intrusion by spiritual entities, including extra terrestrials.  Also we review cords, negative contracts, curses and hexes. Also, we would look at whether the issues might be caused from a psychological aspect, such as self created thought forms, or dissociative identity disorders. I am not a trained medical practitioner and psychological aspects are an opinion only. 
  • Sometimes as issue may be caused by lonely spirits who are lost and require assistance to their spiritual home. 
  • I am a certified spirit release practitioner,  having trained with the late Dr Terence Palmer, PhD.  I, along with a facilitator, can carry out these extensive checks remotely and after conducting the release, can provide you with a full report.

   It is appropriate that you should be the only one in charge of your self/soul, you have the moral right to have self and bodily integrity. 

If you feel you are troubled then contact me for further information, don't struggle alone.

What is involved:

 The services of a certified remote spirit release practitoner.

The services of a facilitator (either another medium or clinical practitioner)

Naturally, our spirit guides!

Consultation before and after the clearance, to include a report.

Cost £100.00

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