What my clients are saying...

  • J S  in Oxon , Feb 21 : " Louise and her guide Julian facilitated a spirit release session for me after I realised I was feeling fears and low mood that I couldn't make sense of. The information I was given both before and after was clear and professional, and helped me to make sens e of the process and how it might help me. Although I didn't know exactly when the session was taking place, I felt an immediate lifting on the afternoon that it happened. Louise also offered me some very helpful techniques to work with to follow up the session, and patiently answered all of my questions. I will definitely request this help again if/when it is needed, and can completely recommend Louise and her team."

  • F H, London, via email, Nov 2020   “I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Louise. Her energy is pure warmth, positivity and joy! Unlike many tarot readers who let you know what is in store for your future, Louise also offers insight into how to get there. We explored what might enable or block me from living a fulfilled life, so that I could really understand how to craft the path forward. It was a truly valuable and practical session!” 

  • "Via email from J B, in Oxford.:  Ever since my husband died in 2015, I have been having sessions regularly with Louise - both past life regression and Tarot. It has been an enormous help and comfort to me and I have learnt some fascinating things about my family".

  • Via email from J L in Oxford " Had a past life regression session with Louise back in feb 2017. Wasn`t sure that it would work, because my head is buzzing with " to do lists" all day long, but with Louise guiding me through I was able to visit three pasts lives. Each life was very clear, I heard background noises and felt the emotions that I was going through at that time in that life. Would I do this again, yes without doubt, and it would be with Louise again, she has a calming voice, and helps you through each stage. Thank you Louise, and keep up the great work your doing!

  •  via email from K W, Oxford  "I am writing this on behalf on my friend Liz who I introduced to Louise. Liz had a reading with Louise recently. One of the things that Louise said was that her partner would have made a good priest or vicar. Liz laughed and said "if you knew him that would be the last thing you would think or even say. Liz says that she and her partner were watching a programme on tv a few days later, with a vicar in it and her partner remarked out of the blue that he thought he would have made a good vicar. Liz was flabbergasted! She asked him how long he had been thinking that as he is an atheist and he replied that he had been thinking about it for 3 or 4 years. He had not listened to Louise's recording  because he calls it 'Hocus Pocus in Kidlington'. It was truly amazing and Liz thinks this is indicative of Louise's gifts as a reader. God Bless Louise, love Liz

  • Via email from N C  "I have only known Louise a short while but she is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She immediately puts you at ease and explains everything fully and simply before beginning. 

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"Thank you, I appreciate your feed back".  Louise