'A  Guiding  Light '  established 2006  


 My name is Louise Green and I if you, like me, believe in the world of Sspirit then you have come to the right place.

I began ' A Guiding Light' in 2006 to assist  those who wanted to pursue their spiritual path, to explore the connection with higher realms and to develop their inner, spiritual dimensions.

So often our spiritual self can influence our every day life and you may be feeling that things could be better for you.  Perhaps relationships, careers aren't blossoming, or you feel uncertain or anxious, yet can't put your finger on it.  Your inner world might be trying to tell you something and together we can explore as to where these issues lie.   

Think of me as your spiritual life coach, someone who can guide, empower and help you towards connecting with your inner self.  I have been working with spirit for many years in many areas, such as past life regression, healing and other therapies. 

 If you have any questions or queries then please don't hesitate to contact me via the link below.

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If you have found me then you have been guided.....  

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Soul- Centered Healing 

The goal of Soul-Centered Healing is to help a person become clear, centered, and confident in the present. 

Healing occurs through a process of identifying and resolving the unconscious sources of pain and conflict, whether they originate from within a person’s own inner world, or from without.  

Soul-Centered Healing is a form of hypnotherapy that uses specific methods and protocols for working at these unconscious levels to identify the source of a person’s pain, distress, or conflict.

 The process begins when the therapist engages and works directly with a person’s higher self to identify the source of symptoms or distress. Whether it is a sub-personality whose past trauma is being triggered in the present, or outside spirits or entities trying to access the self, or intense panic set off by past-life memories breaking through into the present, different protocols are used depending on the particular phenomena presenting. 

 Dr Thomas Zinser, Ed.D,  the founder of this dynamic and spiritual therapy is my mentor and it is a privilege to bring his method to you..

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Past Life Regression:

Imagine being able to travel into the past, to discover different lands, times.  Imagine discovering who you once were, who you knew, the strengths and skills you once had.......  

Time travel with me.

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Insightful, empathic, Tarot helps you find your way forward. Ideal for when you need guidance on career, relationships, or your own development.I'm a paragraph. 

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Training events and workshops

This year, I am pleased to be returning to tutoring those who are stepping out on their spiritual journeys. I'll be offering workshops to meet your guides, or for those wishing to develop further, how to work with them in a deeper capacity.  Please click on this link to learn more 

Up and coming workshops 

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If you have a query regarding the spiritual world, feel free to ask me. 

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